Amarillo Savvy   bred back. This mare has great foals every year with nice leg markings.

She is a 2003 mare in great shape.   

WYO Blue Butterfly 2011 Grulla

15 hands 1300 lbs  Granddaughter of Leo Hancock Hayes.

Looking forward to seeing her foals.

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Grulla & Black mares, bred to the Grulla  ( 95% ) grulla color.


Bred for 2023 to a son of New Chex To Cash --  Busy Winin Chex - He has sired AQHA. World Champions  

Duke N Ruffels

Granddaughter of Doc Olena, she has a 2022  Grulla colt out of Docs Lil Hibrow

EmphasisOfBlackBeauty   2007

This mare has produced some beautiful Grulla foals, She will sell bred back to my Homo Grulla stallion


Ima Foxey Leo Hayes 2011 Grulla  ​Double Homozygous Producer 

I have downsized, But I'm still going to be breeding for a few more years.  

Notice:  I will be breeding some of my mares to outside stallions, Sons of Gunner, Nu Chex To Cash,   Pepto & others.

After Dec 25 the mares will NOT be for sale,  they will foal & be bred back and than be up for sale again.


Miss Princess Dixie - 2016

This mare had a Splash Grulla colt this year & bred back the same way.

​$ 8000.

2009 Grulla:  Royally Dandy Lynx

5 panel NN,  Bred for 2022 the same way.  

​Lotta Honey Hancock  Grulla    Double Homozygous producer