​2006  Poco The Sug Way

Bred to my Homo Grulla stallion.

​This is a nice Poco Bueno mare, really put together.  She had a Grulla filly this year & bred back to Homo Grulla stallion.  ​$6000.



​Gunner on Ice

2009 Jessie King Lucy  --   she will be bred back the same way.  She had a Grulla colt this year. ​$5000.     

​Last years filly, sold for $5000.

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$10,500   If she has a splash foal it will be worth that or more.

​Pocosdelite  2013  High % Poco Bueno ​

 A short stout very nice mare.  Sire: Ojos Poco  Dam: Miss Poco Clip Gert. Bred to a Perlino for 2023,  100% Buckskin foal. ​$6500.

2006 Mollys Secret Plan   

​This mare is a Smart Little Lena & looks it.  Really nice foals & bred to a Perlino 100% Buckskin producer for 2023 Will be bred to a Homo Grulla for 2024.   $5000   SOLD

​2012 Lena Dry Doc Okie  Bay Roan

​Bred back, Same Homo Grulla stallion.​  $7500.


2013  Pepto Bureno a Red Dun, This mare was bred by Billy Cook the ( Saddle Maker ) She is by the son of Pepto he paid $35,000 for & out of an own daughter of Mr Sun O Lena. 


Vet Checked infoal to Chex.

 Chex has sired AQHA. World Champions


Colt at her side by Gunner On Ice.

Bred back to Busy Winin Chex a Cremello.  Will have a Palomino or Palomino Dun.    ​$12,000.

            Jessies So Conley  2003

​Jessie James on her papers Top & Bottom. Bred for 2024 to Homo  Grulla stallion.​ $3500.

2005   Granddaughter of Rooster

          La Gallina Azul -- A bay Roan

A beautiful stout mare .   ​Will be bred back to a Splash Red Dun son of Gunner.    Smoking Sixcess

2006     Miss Poco Clip Gert

97% foundation bred, High % Poco Bueno.

 Bred to a Homo Grulla stallion for 2024    $5500.

She had a Buckskin Dun colt. Will be bred to a Homo Grulla.