​Splash Red Dun filly  out of   Royally Dandy Lynx.  

$ 5500.     ​SOLD.

​Palomino Dun filly out of Amarillo Savvy. $4000.  


​Exceptional colt by Gunner On Ice & out of ​Pepto Bureno  He is starting to roan out.  $9500.

Will be selling mares berd to this double Homo Grulla Stallion ​PRIZED PLATINUM

​​May do some TRADING ??

I have a list of things I could use on mares # 1 page.


​Blood bay filly, by Sun Jo Lena and out of   W R Pyromac​.   Homo Black.


$ 2500.

​  buckskin filly by Sun Jo Lena

$  5000.


Buckskin Dun colt?? ( Shows some signs of dun factor, but wont know until he sheds) out of Miss Poco Clip Gert  & By Sun Frosted Over.     $2700.

​A really nice Platinum Buckskin colt By Sun Frosted Over and out of  Mollys Secret Plan  $4000.

​Gunner On Ice


​Full yearling Brother

​A real nice Jessie James mare.  Jessies King Lucy  she had a nice colt,   Tested:  Grulla.

​Grulla filly, No white, out of Ima Foxey Leo Hayes   NN     Homo Black     $5000.

​APHA. Red Dun filly out of  ​$2500

Tested  Grulla filly out of Poco The Sug Way. Look at her full sister a yearling. !!!